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Our Services

Our range of professional services encompasses :
  1. Valuation
  2. Market Research Studies
  3. Consultancy
  4. Estate Agency
  5. Project Marketing
  6. Investments

Independent & Professional Valuation

We provide independent valuation of real estate based on high professional standards and integrity.

Our opinions are carefully and expertly formed as valuations are always subject to test, whether in the face of the property market or before a Court.

Valuation for Financing

To serve the requirements of financial institutions, we elaborate herewith our services in respect of valuation for financing.

We act as valuers for the financial institution in Malaysia when they provide finance against property. In other words, we are requested by such institution to provide a valuation of the intended security.

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Our valuation expertise and experience include appraisals of plantations, timber concessions, plant, machinery and equipments, specialised properties such as steel mills, mining land and quarries, and properties valued on trading/business basis such as private hospitals, hotels and resorts.